Drive engagement, loyalty and referrals.

It used to be that when a business needed help with PR, it called in the pros. When it needed help with social media, it called in the intern. But those days are over. For successful companies, PR and social media no longer can operate as separate functions.

Most companies have found that social media can be used to help accomplish several business objectives. Whether it’s to build awareness and loyalty, or increase sales and customer retention, social media campaigns require real expertise to convey messages that are consistent with the brand’s mission, but are also unique to each platform. This requires one team to manage all communication initiatives to ensure alignment — and relevance to target audiences.

At Burns360, we understand social media is more than posting messages in less than 140 characters, or even understanding all the tools and platforms emerging in the social space. It’s about applying a strategy to your social communications that allows you to reach your audiences in a way that truly resonates with them. We craft targeted messages that not only grab attention but invite shares. Then we measure and monitor social conversations in real time to determine how effective they are in not only driving engagement, but in building brand loyalty that means more to your bottom line.