Build awareness, reach and credibility.

Earned media is the leading criteria Google measures for organic searches. And for good reason.

B2B and B2C buyers alike are savvier than ever before, and their loyalty is not easily won. They rely on trusted sources to help them in their decision-making, in addition to their own experiences, impressions and interactions.

That’s why an integrated approach to public relations is so vital. Earned media coverage gives potential buyers the confidence that only comes from a respected—and objective—third-party. But credibility alone isn’t enough to turn potential buyers into real ones. To be successful today, PR must go beyond the standard media outreach efforts. New developments in social media, content marketing, SEO, marketing automation, analytics and more are all opportunities to leverage the power of PR.

As a rule, B2B companies not only have more complex offerings and messages than B2C companies do, you typically have far more complicated sales cycles as well. As an established Dallas PR firm with nearly 30 years specializing in B2B communications, we understand your challenges and how important it is tie public relations to tangible leads, business goals and measurable ROI.

Although we have a proven track record of securing national exposure in leading business media and vital vertical publications, news coverage isn’t our primary PR goal. Leads, sales and business growth for our clients is our top priority. We believe that’s why we’ve become one of the leading business communication firms in the Southwest.

And why we can be your partner in success.