Insight. Analysis. Structure. Sales.

Anyone who claims to have all the answers to your marketing problems is just one more problem you’ll have to deal with later on.  

No one has all the solutions you need because, no matter how good your marketing partner may be, the rules of the game keep changing—fast. Great advice today could easily become a noose around your neck tomorrow.

But no matter what you want to achieve, you can’t get where you’re going until you know where you start. And the LEGACY MARKETING AUDIT from Burns360 is designed to do just that.

It’s based on the premise that it’s not hard to know what you need to do, but what matters is how to do it. And how to do it depends on many factors, the most important of which is how to adapt to new buying behaviors and technologies without throwing your legacy systems and investments out the window.

The Burns360 LEGACY MARKETING AUDIT analyzes seven key components:

  1. Your marketing activities over the last three years.
  2. Your corporate marketing organizational structure.
  3. A summary of your current marketing technology and applications.
  4. An analysis of your existing marketing strategy.
  5. A report on all current marketing tactics.
  6. A summary of how your marketing and sales team work together.
  7. A holistic overview of your current marketing resources and expenditures.

Our goal is to paint a clear picture of where you are in your marketing today, where you excel, what gaps need to be addressed, and how to systematically and cost-effectively upgrade your marketing to drive stronger ROI.

For more information on what a LEGACY MARKETING AUDIT can do for you, contact Burns360 today. We’re here to help you transition to the new marketing paradigm—as easily and cost-effectively as possible.