Align communications with the buyer’s journey.

Everyone has a good story to tell, which makes it astonishing that almost 25 percent of companies today don’t have a content marketing strategy in place. And of those that do, almost half of them fail to align their content to their buyers’ pain points. These companies are missing key opportunities to present themselves as the perfect solution to their audience’s challenges.

Burns360 brings a pool of talented writers and communicators to your team. Our content specialists are skilled in dissecting complex messages and crafting targeted communications to audiences with long buying cycles. This is especially valuable when you consider that some of the most shared content on the Internet comes in the form of e-books, case studies, lists and how-to articles. We are experts at conveying your key messages in your tone through all communications channels, from blog posts to email campaigns to branded literature to employee communications. And by keeping the buyer’s journey in mind, we are able to ensure relevance and relationship-building.

Put simply: We provide smart content written to the right audiences at the right time.