Branding is Not Just a Marketing Term. It’s an Action Verb.

You’ve got a great concept, a terrific team and a stellar value proposition. But without a clear brand identity, you’ll never secure a strong position in your target market.

Strategic branding is a very real challenge for B2B companies. Most branding models are geared for consumer companies, not B2B firms. And consumer brands usually appeal to the buyer’s emotions and desires, while B2B brands drive sales through rational decision-making and clearly defined benefits.

At Burns360, we’ve adapted a branding model specifically for B2B companies. We begin with an assessment of where you are in five key brand attributes:

  • Products/services
  • Users
  • Personality
  • Functional Benefits
  • Emotional Benefits

Working closely with your management team, we then build a strategic brand architecture that includes your core proposition, proof-points, customer experience and validation, corporate personality and—most importantly—your differentiated value-added market offering.

Yet, branding doesn’t always mean we build everything from the ground up. Sometimes a strong brand is already in place, and our job is to develop a deeper insight into your existing brand positioning in order to develop a stronger messaging platform and a more effective communication strategy.

Regardless of the situation, our goal is always to help you achieve the business outcomes you desire. Let’s build something great. Together.