Turn Web Traffic into Business with Google Search Console

I want our website to rank #1.

Great! Look, there is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, but unfortunately, you’re not the only one with this goal in mind. Before we get into how to make it happen, however, let’s start with what it actually means to hold the top spot.

The best way...

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Hurricane Harvey and the Power of Social Media

This past week, I realized I was a very lucky man.

Being in Dallas, we’ve avoided most all of the brunt of Hurricane Harvey. Other than light rain and some slight winds, we didn’t really feel it at all.

But I kept getting message after message after message asking if I was alright. From family...

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The Show Must Go On

Sometimes in the world of public relations, your clients end up on the wrong side of the news cycle. And as PR professionals, it is our job to make sure the situation doesn’t escalate, lead to revenue loss, or worst of all, damage our client’s reputation.

Trust me on this one. An excellent reputation is...

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The City of Hope: Embracing Innovation, Advancing Communication

Last week, I had the privilege of being a part of a Women’s Health Initiative Tour at the City of Hope in California. Ranked as one of “America’s Best Hospitals” in cancer research by U.S. News & World Report, City of Hope is one of the nation’s leading research and treatment centers...

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The PR Pitfalls of Newswires

It’s written, it’s edited, and it’s ready to go. Just like that, through the magic of the modern-day PR newswires, you’ve just sent the press release you’ve worked on for months to every news outlet worth its weight in mere seconds. Your job here is done, right?


Electronic newswires make it a breeze to...

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Digital Lead Generation Series, Part Four: Social Media

Social Media. To some B2B companies, it’s still considered the “new frontier” of marketing. And even to those who know what kind of impact social media can deliver, questions remain on how to replicate its success in a business scenario—towards lead generation.

Strangely enough, however, the typical explanations for using social media offer no real...

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Digital Lead Generation Series, Part Three: Ads

So, you’ve optimized your online contact forms, and now have a solid process in place to identify and capture incoming phone leads.

And guess what? It’s paying off!

You’re starting to get a few calls and submissions actually coming in through your site. Now it’s time to build off this...

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Digital Lead Generation Series, Part Two: Calls

These days, your number one ally in the world of business is your website.

An optimized, well laid out site with excellent content can generate tens, hundreds, or even thousands of views and clicks each day. And if you’re lucky, potential customers might even fill out a contact form or reach out to you...

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Digital Lead Generation Series, Part One: Forms

“At the end of the day, it all comes down to leads.”

It’s a simple enough concept—your marketing strategy, your tactics, your team and your results should eventually generate leads and sales for your company; otherwise, why invest anything in marketing at all?

But how do B2B companies in the digital age actually generate qualified...

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Don’t Let Your Marketing Stack Stack the Odds Against Your Marketing

The marketing stack. Also known as the marketing technology stack or your “mar-tech” stack. Whatever you call it, it is valuable and something that will become far more commonplace (and important) in the future.

Put simply, your marketing stack is the suite of software your marketing team uses to do their job more effectively. For...

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