New Facebook Changes Mean Social Media Marketers Must Change Too

We all know the story. Mark Zuckerburg, a Harvard dorm room, and some new website concept called “TheFacebook” designed to bring his classmates together.

And the story doesn’t stop there. Facebook spread to other Ivy League schools, then to anyone with a college email address, and not long after, to the entire world. Celebrities have...

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Let’s Talk about Voice-Enabled Keyword Search

Hey Alexa, what was the hottest topic at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show?

Let us answer the question for you. At CES, the biggest event for unveiling everything new in the digital device world, voice-enabled device adoption was all the rage. Ask virtually anyone who geeks out on this sort of thing. They’ll tell you...

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2018: The Year of Marketing Analytics

The start of a new year. It’s a time when your newsfeed overflows with resolutions to drop a few pounds, save a little money, get more exercise, and if you’re in the marketing and communications business, it’s the season for articles forecasting the most important trends for the year ahead.

Isn’t it funny that come...

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280 is the New 140: My Thoughts on Twitter’s Character Increase

If you have a Twitter account or manage a few for your clients, chances are you have already discovered your newfound fortune. Once limited to 140 characters, your blank canvas has doubled to 280. Think of the possibilities! Forget the abbreviations. Add a few hashtags. Have something to say? Don’t leave anything out.

Not so...

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What’s a Legacy Marketing Audit™? (And Why We Coined the Phrase)

Normally when I write blogs, I avoid starting by quoting formal definitions. Why? They’re uncreative. A cop out, if you will. But today, I will break my own rule because the term “legacy system” deserves it, and from a marketing perspective, its core meaning matters.

Wikipedia says: “In computing, a legacy system is an old method, technology,...

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Are You Ready for Material Design?

Material design. It’s a relatively new concept Google defines as a “visual language for users that combines classic design principles with the innovation and possibility of technology.”

If that definition went in one ear and out the other, try this. Material design is a design concept that encourages visitors to a website to subconsciously take...

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What’s the Problem with Localization Marketing? Part Three of Three: Defining Your Value Proposition

Defining your brand’s value proposition is a little like trying to condense a 600-page book into a few short sentences. Hint: It’s not easy, and naturally, you’re probably worried you’re going to leave a few things out.

But just because it’s challenging, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. In my opinion, a clearly defined...

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What’s the Problem with Localization Marketing? Part Two of Three: Engaging Potential Buyers

Buckle up, readers. This is going to be a long one, but stick with me and you just might think it’s worth it!

Five years ago, I served on a marketing panel at LocWorld Seattle and discussed localization marketing and strategic branding.

I was excited about my topic. Others? Not so much.

Everyone else on...

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What’s the Problem with Localization Marketing? Part One of Three: Defining the Dilemma

Unique is one of the most moth-eaten terms in B2B marketing, right up there with world-class solutions and out of the box thinking. But when it comes to localization marketing, unique might just be the best way to describe the dilemma marketers face.

From a professional marketing perspective, localization marketing is a bit like a duck-billed...

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Turn Web Traffic into Business with Google Search Console

I want our website to rank #1.

Great! Look, there is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, but unfortunately, you’re not the only one with this goal in mind. Before we get into how to make it happen, however, let’s start with what it actually means to hold the top spot.

The best way...

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